AreThere Different Types Of Bike Pumps

Are There Different Types Of Bike Pumps?

If you are a biker, you might be advised to buy a cycle pump right after the purchase of your bike. And yes, a bike pump is considered the most necessary tool for your safeguard and convenience.

You don’t want to see yourself riding a double weight bike for 5 miles or struggling with a flat tire when biking on a mountain. So, you would need one or even two pumps for your best preparation before getting out of the garage and taking a trip.

With only one simple goal, a pump is used for adding air to your tires, many types of bike pumps are designed to fit any of demand from a floor pump to mini, or frame-fit one.

Below information is my collection of different pumps that you might find in the market. Depend on your reference, I hope it could help to make you an extraordinary riding experience.

How Many Types Of Pumps Are In The Market?

With different shapes and purposes, you can find numerous pumps at the store, and it may confuse you to choose the most suitable for your bike. Let’s check it out!

Floor pump – track pump

BV Floor pump – track pump

The track pump is the most familiar and common type of pump you can buy due to its fundamental purpose. Therefore, a track pump could be found in any of a cyclist’s garage.

With a height of 2 ft, a track pump has a pretty big capacity to be compared with other types of pumps such as a mini pump or frame-fit one. Hence, it’s more capable, it helps to pump tires faster with high pressures.

The size of a track pump can describe the use of it. People usually keep it in the garage or trunk. And before taking the ride, cyclists would refer to using a track pump to pump up their bike – and so it’s all set for the great adventure!

Frame-fit Pumps

Schwinn Frame-fit Pumps

Whilst the track pumps are used for preparation, frame-fit pumps should be the best fit for cyclists on the road. By attaching straight to the frame of the bike, it’s more convenient to bring the pumps with you.

Though a frame-fit pump is a little bigger and more weight than the mini one, it’s worth the disadvantages. The capacity is bigger than most of the mini-pumps. If a floor pump’s capacity can go up to 260 psi, a frame-fit one works best with up to 160 psi, and this is not a bad choice.

By different designs of sizes, you can find a fit one for your bike. But be sure you are noticed about the dimension of the pumps before purchasing one.

Mini pump

Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump

One more choice for your bucket list – a mini pump. You can find it’s easy to put in your backpack or pocket during your ride. Though it’s small, don’t underestimate the inflation capacity. Mini pumps have an acceptable high pressure to ensure your bike is pumped up in case of any urgent situation or long ride trip.

You always could pick your appropriate one in a variety of mini pumps, and most of them got a rubber tub to pull out of the pump. By doing so, your inflation session is eased, quicker, and more flexible.

CO2 Inflators


Another regular choice biker refers to is a CO2 Inflator or a mini inflator. By using a valve at the end, it works by pumping up the Co2 from outside directly to the type through a vessel.

It works superbly quickly due to the dimension of the canister. With a capacity of up to 200 psi, you can’t deny its efficiency.

However, a big disadvantage is it’s a one-time use canister. A mini inflator includes a head unit and a one-time-used cylinder. Therefore, it’s a good one to prepare for an emergency option or you have to bring some of the vessels on the road.

Due to its special and great mechanical process, CO2 Inflators might be a little expensive to be compared with another handy one.

Type Pro Con
Floor Pump – Fit most bikes

– Big capacity

– Fast with high pressure

– Common with low price

– Big size, not movable
Frame Pumps – Good capacity

– Easily attached to the bike frame without other attachment

– High pressure

– Need to careful compare dimension to fit with the bike – not universal
Mini Pumps – Small, light, easy carry

– Fit to all most bikes

– Small capacity

– Need more handy effort

CO2 Pumps – Small, light, easy carry

– Super quick, easy use

– Expensive

– One-time use Cylinder

Do you have to care about the type of Valves?

The Topeak Joe Blow Booster Floor Pump
The Topeak Joe Blow Booster Floor Pump

Besides all of the above types of pumps, you might need to take a look at one of the most important parts of the pump – valves.

There are 2 main types of valves – Presta and Schrader. These days, most pumps are designed to handle either of the valves or even both of them. But some of the work for a specific one, or you might have to change it by yourself.

I would appreciate it if my pump got a twin-valve head so that I don’t have to wonder if I bring the right pump for the right bike.

In case you have a tubeless valve, you might need to be careful when pumping because it could be unscrewed from the pump in the inflation.

How about a pressure & volume in pumping?

You’re putting pressure and a volume of CO2 into your bike; you will surely want your pump to perform well.

You don’t have to be good at physics to know that you won’t be able to get high pressure and a big volume cylinder at the same time. Most bikers prefer a range of 160 – 200 psi for their pumps. But the consumptions on each sport or cyclist style are different. So, beware of how you want to ride your bike and pick your best fit one.

Size or weight is important?

The Topeak Turbo Morph Bike Pumps
The Topeak Turbo Morph Bike Pumps

These two factors depend on where and how you use the pumps. If you prefer leisure, short riding style, you might consider a track pump that can be the best preparation stage at home. A small mini pump might be helpful and convenient in your ride, too.

But if you are a real adventure cyclist, you might love a frame-fit pump that is easily attached to the bike or a CO2 Inflator.

There are multiple options in material for your pump. From aluminum, carbon fibre, or plastic, it depends on your reference since all of them can do their only job – Pumping your tires.


Some good references for Bike Pump!

It’s mostly all the information and type of bike pumps, and I hope you will get your best choice. You might purchase any type of bike pump as long as it’s the best fit one, maybe not 1 or 2, you might bring home 3 pumps for the best experience.

Here below are some best ones that receive numerous reviews – take a look – and pick your best!

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