Are Thule Hitch Bike Racks Worth It

Are Thule Hitch Bike Racks Worth It?

Picking a bike rack would be confusing, especially for the first time as there are so many brands providing promises and guarantees. Research and in-depth evaluation would be required when you intend to buy one.

If you read so much about bike racks, you must have heard of a giant name – Thule which is well-known for safest bike racks. In this post, I will give you all you need to know about this brand to help you answer the question of whether Thule hitch bike racks are worth buying.

A Brief History of Thule

A Brief History of Thule
A Brief History of Thule

With great love for the outdoors, the Thulin family founded the Thule group which started selling fishing traps. Realizing the growing demand for outdoor gears, they created other products such as sporting gears.

In 1992, they launched their first bike rack which was towbar-mounted. Since then, they invest more in research to develop the best one that meets the consumers’ needs.


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AreThere Different Types Of Bike Pumps

Are There Different Types Of Bike Pumps?

If you are a biker, you might be advised to buy a cycle pump right after the purchase of your bike. And yes, a bike pump is considered the most necessary tool for your safeguard and convenience.

You don’t want to see yourself riding a double weight bike for 5 miles or struggling with a flat tire when biking on a mountain. So, you would need one or even two pumps for your best preparation before getting out of the garage and taking a trip.

With only one simple goal, a pump is used for adding air to your tires, many types of bike pumps are designed to fit any of demand from a floor pump to mini, or frame-fit one.

Below information is my collection of different pumps that you might find in the market. Depend on your reference, I hope it could help to make you an extraordinary riding experience.

How Many Types Of Pumps Are In The Market?

With different shapes and purposes, you can find numerous pumps at the store, and it may confuse you to choose the most suitable for your bike. Let’s check it out!

Floor pump – track pump

BV Floor pump – track pump

The track pump is the most familiar and common type of pump you can buy due to its fundamental purpose. Therefore, a track pump could be found in any of a cyclist’s garage.

With a height of 2 ft, a track pump has a pretty big capacity to be compared with other types of pumps such as a mini pump or frame-fit one. Hence, it’s more capable, it helps to pump tires faster with high pressures.

The size of a track pump can describe the use of it. People usually keep it in the garage or trunk. And before taking the ride, cyclists would refer to using a track pump to pump up their bike – and so it’s all set for the great adventure!


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